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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 TDWise Credit Cards , Step1 No comments

The Military Churning Guide to Chase Bank

This Chase lineup alone nets $600 in travel, United lounge membership, $300 in airline incidentals, 1 night at the Ritz, Bonvoy Gold Status, 1 night at IHG, and IHG Platinum status, every year.

BLUF: Aquire 5 Chase Cards

1. Sapphire Reserve

2. United Club or Explorer (see below)

3. Bonvoy Boundless (upgrade to Ritz)

4. Freedom Unlimited or IHG (see below)

5. Freedom, Hyatt, or Amazon (see below)

Chase Application Rules

5/24 rule (see below), Unlimited...

Monday, July 02, 2018 TDWise Credit Cards , Step2 2 Comments

The Military Churning Guide to American Express

This Part 2 Lineup nets $700 in airline incidentals, $200 in Uber, $100 in Saks, Centurion/Delta/Priority Pass lounge access, $325 in travel, Delta companion pass, $600 in Marriott/SPG credit, 2 Marriott/SPG nights, Gold Bonvoy Status, $500 in Hilton resort credit, 2 Hilton weekend nights and Hilton Diamond status. Every year. How do you like them apples?

BLUF: Aquire the Amex Platinum, 5 Amex Credit Cards, and the US Bank Altitude Reserve

1. Am...

Thursday, May 23, 2019 TDWise Citi , Credit Cards , NextCards , Step3 4 Comments

The Military Churning Guide to Citi Bank

This Part 3 lineup only grants $250 in travel and American Airlines Club membership every year, but it is essential to fill in the missing pieces for the top 3 banks’ premium cards and the top 3 airlines’ lounge access cards.

BLUF: Get Three Citi Cards.

1. The Prestige

2. The American Airlines Executive Card

3. The American Airlines Platinum Card

Citi Application Rules

You can get unlimited cards as long as they approve you, Limit of 1 card every 8 day...