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Referral Links

Card Articles and Referral Links

This is a list of the main cards you should strive to attain for sign up bonuses and annual perks, with our referral link if referable, and a summary of the worthwhile annual benefits.  As always, please support the site by using our referral links to apply.  If we do not have one, the main landing page for card application is linked. For transparency, be advised that public offers on sign up bonuses sometimes differ from referral sign up bonuses both better and worse. We urge you to do the appropriate research to find the best deal you can.

American Express

Once/lifetime sign-up bonuses, Max 5 credit cards, 1 credit card every 5 days, 2 credit cards every 90 days, Unlimited charge cards

Platinum (Charge): Referral Link, $200 Airline/Yr, $200 Uber/Yr, $100 Saks/Yr, Centurion/Escape/Priority Pass Lounges, Gold status with Hilton/SPG/Marriott/Ritz Carlton, Boingo Wifi.

Charles Schwab Platinum (Charge): Not Referrable, Same as Platinum, 1.25 cent per point MR redemption

Morgan Stanley Platinum (Charge): Not Referrable, Same as Platinum

Gold (Charge): Referral Link, $100 Airline/Yr, 4x MR Points on Dining/Grocery

Green (Charge): Referral Link, $100 LoungeBuddy/Yr, 3x MR Points on Travel/Dining

Delta Reserve (Credit): Referral Link, Skyclub Access, First Class Companion Cert/Yr, Priority Boarding

Delta Platinum (Credit): Referral Link, Upgrade to Reserve in 1 year

Delta Gold (Credit): Referral Link, Upgrade to Reserve in 1 year

Bonvoy Brilliant (Credit): Referral Link, $300/year Bonvoy Credit, 1 Free 50k Point Night/Yr, Gold Bonvoy Status

Hilton Aspire (Credit): Referral Link, $250 Airline/Yr, $250 Hilton Resort/year, 1 Free Hilton Weekend Night/Yr, Diamond Hilton Status

Hilton Surpass (Credit): Referral Link, Upgrade to Aspire in 1 Year

Hilton (Credit): Referral Link, Upgrade to Aspire in 1 year


5/24 rule, Unlimited cards, 2 cards/month, 24 months between most sign-up bonuses, 48 months between Sapphire bonuses, Must reallocate credit after reaching total allowed credit

Sapphire Reserve: Not Referrable, $300 Travel/Yr, Priority Pass

Sapphire Preferred: Referral Link, Upgrade to Reserve in 1 year

United Club: Referral Link, United Club Membership, Premier Access

United ExplorerReferral Link, 2 United Club Passes/Yr, Upgrade to Club in 1 year

Ritz Carlton: Unavailable, $300 Airline/Yr, 1 Free 50k Point Bonvoy Night/Yr, Gold Bonvoy Status

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless: Referral Link, 1 Free 35k Point Bonvoy Night/Yr, Upgrade to Ritz in 1 year

IHG: Referral Link, 1 Free 40k Point IHG Night/Yr, Platinum Elite IHG Status.

-Hyatt: Need A Referral Link, 1 Free Night/Yr


Unlimited cards, 1 card every 8 days, 2 cards every 65 days, 24 months between sign-up bonuses

-Citi Prestige: Not Referrable, $250 Travel Credit, 4th Night Free x2/Yr, Cell Phone Insurance

-Citi Premier: Not Referrable, Upgrade to Prestige in 1 year

-American Airlines Executive: Not Referrable, Admirals Club Membership, Priority Access

-American Airlines Platinum: Not Referrable, Upgrade to Prestige in 1 year

US Bank

Must have a banking relationship, checking account works

Altitude Reserve: Not Referrable, $325 Travel/Yr

Skypass Select: Not Referrable, $200 Travel/Yr


No fee waivers

Luxury Card Gold Card: Not Referrable, $200 Airline/Yr

American Airlines Aviator Red: Not Referrable