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US Bank Korean Air Skypass Select Card

Korean Skypass Select Card Review for Military

This unassuming rectangle of basic plastic design that doesn’t even say Select on it nets a cool $200 in travel per year.

I have never flown Korean Air. I don’t really ever anticipate flying Korean Air unless it’s for fare hacking. So why would I bother risking my already established Altitude Reserve card with another US Bank app? Recurring annual travel credits. And I’m running out of cards to apply for and daddy needs a fix.

Annual Travel Reimbursement

There are actually a number of great benefits to the Skypass Select card IF you are regular on Korean Air. I am not. What I am a regular on is all travel in general and the Skypass Select grants me $200 per year in blanket travel spending. This is another cardmember year cycle credit as opposed to calendar year cycle. It is also one more line on the ledger of free travel money for active-duty military since US Bank generously waives the $450 annual fee for us.

Korean Air Benefits

Now for those that can make use of the Korean Air routes, there is yet another annual credit of $100 off a Korean Air ticket. While you’re enjoying that discounted flight, you can then make use of the two $25 off coupons in duty-free purchases on-board. I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know what that means as I have never seen duty-free merchandise onboard an aircraft before. Nevertheless, its $50 a year in something useful, I assume. Then, upon arrival at your layover, you can also enjoy the two KAL lounge passes this card grants you, also annually. It’s the Korean Air gift that keeps on giving.

Fringe Benefits

They must have blown all their funding on the Korean Air benefits because those benefits are pretty good and the card packaging is pretty lame. Like, generic no annual fee plain envelope lame. Hence, I only have one picture, which is what I do when I have nothing else of note to take a picture of. Sad. You also get 2x miles on Korean Air purchases, other Airline purchases (which is unique to the Skypass Select), Hotels, and rental cars. Of course, they are throwing you a Global Entry credit because who doesn’t have Global Entry at this stage in the churn game. Finally, some trip delay/cancellation insurances as a cherry on top.

US Bank App Risk

There is one sort-of downside to this card. You don’t pop your US Bank cherry with the Skypass Select, you do that with the more lucrative Altitude Reserve. Now, US Bank is a pretty strick bank on card apps. If you give them a reason to pull your credit, like applying for the Skypass Select, they will not only look at you for Korean Air worthiness but also for US Bank member worthiness. If you have too many hard pulls on your report or perhaps a laughable number of new cards in the last 12 months, they have been known to do a total account shutdown. That firmly puts your Altitude Reserve at risk, so I would be cautious when pulling the application trigger here. I recommend no more than 4 hard pulls on any one report and to be under 3/12. I have no idea if that’s their limit, it’s just what worked for me.

US Bank Altitude Reserve

Altitude Reserve Card Review for Military

Solid welcome package, well done US Bank

This is the reason you get a US Bank checking account around the time you get an Amex Platinum card.

The US Bank Altitude Reserve is the flagship card offering from US Bank.  In an odd move for the credit card world, they made the Altitude only available to existing US Bank members.  Did you get your US Bank checking account? Congrats, you are a US Bank member. Look at TDWise looking out for you.

I’m running out of ways to say that the industry standard should forever be number on the back, which is good, because it means a lot of cards have the number on the back.

Annual Travel Reimbursement

US Bank uses the bank-specific point system that allows you cashback or redemption through their travel portal for an extra bump in point value.  The sign-up bonus would more than pay for its $400 annual fee, if you had to pay that.  The real gem though is their $325 annual travel reimbursement for anything coding as travel charged to the card (runs on the cardmember anniversary cycle as opposed to calendar year). I love a card that pays me to own it.

Yeah, that’s felt. Nuzzling up next to your new metallic key to free travel.

Other Fringe Benefits

Other goodies include 12 GoGo inflight internet passes per year, 3x points on travel and mobile wallet spending, another Priority Pass for the collection, and Hideaway Report membership.  3x points on mobile wallet spending might be worth looking into if you want a 3% cashback every time you use your phone to pay for things.