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Annual Benefits Tracker

This tracker shows my cultivated collection of credit cards and their associated annual travel perks as an example of what’s possible every year with this hobby. Updated 22MAR20.

P1=Player 1 (Me)

P2=Player 2 (Spouse)

CA=Card Anniversary, benefit resets every year on the date you opened your account

CY=Calendar Year, benefit resets every year on January 1

CE=Certificate Expiration, benefit resets every year on certificate expiration date

CardTravel Credit
Airline Credit
Hotel Credit
AMEX Ameriprise Gold P1
AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant P1$300.001
AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant P2$300.001
AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant Upgrade P1$300.001
AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant Upgrade P2$300.001
AMEX Business Platinum P2$200.00
AMEX Delta Reserve P1Delta Sky Club Access, Companion Certificate
AMEX Delta Reserve P2Delta Sky Club Access, Companion Certificate
AMEX Gold P1$100.00
AMEX Gold P2$100.00
AMEX Green P1
AMEX Green P2
AMEX Hilton Aspire P1$250.00$250.001
AMEX Hilton Aspire P2$250.00$250.001
AMEX Hilton Aspire Upgrade P1$250.00$250.001
AMEX Hilton Aspire Upgrade P2$250.00$250.001
AMEX Platinum P1$200.00
AMEX Platinum P2$200.00
AMEX Platinum Ameriprise P1$200.00
AMEX Platinum Ameriprise P2$200.00
AMEX Platinum Mercedes P1$200.00
AMEX Platinum Morgan Stanley P1$200.00
AMEX Platinum Morgan Stanley P2$200.00
AMEX Platinum Schwab P1$200.00
AMEX Platinum Schwab P2$200.00
Barclays Aviator Red P1
Barclays Aviator P2
Chase IHG P11
Chase Ritz Carlton P1$300.001
Chase Ritz Carlton P2$300.001
Chase Ritz Carlton Upgrade P2$300.001
Chase Sapphire Reserve P1$300.00
Chase Sapphire Reserve P2$300.00
Chase Sapphire Reserve Upgrade P1$300.00
Chase Sapphire Reserve Upgrade P2$300.00
Chase United Club P1United Club Membership
Chase United Club P2United Club Membership
Citi AAdvantage Executive P1Admirals Club Membership
Citi AAdvantage Executive P2Admirals Club Membership
Citi Prestige P1$250.00*
Citi Prestige P2$250.00*
US Bank Altitude Reserve P1$325.00
US Bank Altitude Reserve P2$325.00
US Bank Skypass Select P1$200.00
Annual Totals$2,550.00$4,100.00$2,200.0012