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New Citi Card and Amex Pay Over Time

My Wife Got Her Free AAdvantage Executive Card

I’m a huge fan of this card design and hand feel.

It’s been an exciting week of credit card optimization. To start, the wife signed up for and received her Citi AA Executive card, which begins the long road of meeting its $5k min spend. Of course, the main point of getting this card isn’t the spend but the Admirals Club membership. The 50k AA miles is just icing on the cake that will likely assist us in moving back to Virginia later this year. I’ll have to get on making a card page for this. These sweet free travel perks almost make the cross country moves every 1-2 years worth it.

She Also Got Her Free 10,000 Amex Membership Rewards Points

Another win came via snail mail with an AMEX Pay-Over-Time offer of 10k membership rewards points for signing up. The beauty of these offers is that signing up for Pay-Over-Time doesn’t actually do anything to your account. It makes you eligible to use your AMEX charge cards as credit cards for charges over $100, but since we pay off our cards in full every month (right?), it doesn’t actually do anything other than give you a free 10k points. Those points are easily liquidated to cash (although not the most beneficial use, but I like hard and understandable numbers) via the Schwab Platinum card to gain $125. That’s why it pays to check your junk mail, readers. I get excited for each and every piece from a bank. Also good to point out, when you get Plat cards never opt into the Pay-Over-Time feature, wait for Amex to bribe you with 10k points.

Some Speculation

On the more speculative front, I’ve been hearing two pretty exciting rumors, the first is the more likely of the two and that is a mid-tier ($250 annual fee) United card entering into the Chase lineup. This is likely to compete with the Delta Plat, which would be almost hard to do since the Delta Plat is kind of a fantastic card for the fee if you fly Delta a bunch. I’m very curious to see what it offers but that’s about it. Likely, it will fall under the 5/24 rule and I’ll never be able to get an application through. The other is far less likely but such a dream of mine I’ll put it out there. Amex might be sort of considering the possibility of changing the Platinum $200 airline credit to a blanket travel credit, akin to the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Boy, would that be epic. Amex Plats would be the ultimate in travel rewards and luxury cards again. I’ll gladly go through this dry spell of no gift card reimbursements if it’s gearing up for a blanket travel credit. If you head over to the End Results page you’ll see that change would net the wife and I $2800 in travel a year in addition to the $2350 we already have. That’s a whopping $5150 in travel. Disney cruises till we die. So please, Amex, if you’re reading this, make the best move you can make with Plat upgrades and give the people a travel credit!

Also, a friendly reminder that the Amex Plat mid-year credits have renewed. That means your personal Plats are charged with another $50 of Saks 5th Ave credit goodness and your Biz Plats have another $100 to use at Dell.


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