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Airline Gift Cards and Citi Troubles

No More Gift Cards from Amex Platinum

It is, unfortunately, a week for the worse in the credit card game. I am very displeased to announce that there are no longer any airline gift certificates that work to trigger the AMEX airline incidental reimbursement. Delta and Southwest went the way of American Airlines, and United Airlines still has no gift certificate option. Perhaps a new loophole will open before the year is out — but unless you want to take a major gamble, I’d start buying out in-flight liquor offerings as airline reimbursement on anything else is going to be difficult. 

This change is a pretty severe hit for the Amex credit card portfolio, and might even alter some of my card recommendations in the very near future. The Amex Platinum credit cards still hold significant value with Uber, Saks, and the various other perks offered on that card — but because of removing the airline reimbursement benefit, the Hilton Aspire cards no longer have the edge over the Bonvoy Brilliant cards. It MIGHT be a better plan of action to try and hold three Brilliant cards, one Aspire, and one Delta credit card — but you need to assess your travel plans and see what will work best for you. I still like the 2+2+1 balance.

Citi Cuts Almost All Card Insurance

In even more unfortunate news, Citi has just up and canceled the vast majority of their secondary card perks — on basically all of their credit cards. Starting September 22, 2019, Citi credit card churners will be losing out on the following benefits:

  • Worldwide Car Rental Insurance 
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection 
  • Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance 
  • Trip Delay Protection 
  • Baggage Delay Protection 
  • Lost Baggage Protection 
  • Medical Evacuation 
  • Citi® Price Rewind 
  • 90 Day Return Protection 
  • Missed Event Ticket Protection

The main perks for acquiring the cards in the military churner’s wallet still remain — lounge access on the American Airlines Executive Card, $250 travel credit on the Prestige Card, as well as 4th night free booking on the Prestige card — but you may want to focus on Chase for your travel and insurance and such. Fortunately the extended Warranty and Purchase Protections remain for Citi credit cards, and the newly rolled out cell phone insurance on the Prestige card is sticking around for the time-being as well.



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