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End of June, Southwest GCs, and Aviator Red

Use Your Mid-Year Bennies

Saks insists on the gift box like I’m giving this as a gift or something silly

The end of June is approaching, which means it’s time to use your $50 Saks credit on the Amex Platinum and $100 Dell credit on the Amex Business Platinum. The Dell credit is easy to snag online. If you don’t have anything you’re jonesing for on Dell’s website there is the ability to purchase x-box live gift cards, which then can liquidate into your Microsoft account to be used later. The Saks credit is a little trickier, since nothing but MAC makeup costs $50 or less at Saks, making it a lot better to purchase Saks gift cards IN-STORE, NOT AT OFF 5TH. Then you can save for those red-soled shoes girls like and surprise your lady friend with an $800 pair. Pro Tip: nicely ask a knowledgeable employee to split your gift card purchase over multiple cards so that you can walk away with 1 $300 gift card instead of 6 $50 gift cards. I’ve done it twice at two different locations.

(Update: Gift card reimbursements are now dead, do not buy ANY gift cards expecting a reimbursement) Odd data points are coming in that you need to limit your Southwest gift card buys to $100 and under, maybe, to get the Amex Plat airline credit to trigger. This liquidation method is slowly closing in as the only ones left now are Delta (at $50 cards from a desktop computer) and Southwest *maybe* at $100 or less. Fingers should remain crossed for American Airlines to actually go back to Misc Fee coding on their gift certificates.

And finally, I dropped a new card article on the Barclay AAdvantage Aviator Red card. Check it out and get super cheap AA flights if you’re looking for the next card!


  1. Saks has MAC makeup (and others) which you can score for under $50, my last purchase totaled $52. Awesome to know it works in store on gift cards!

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