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Rose Gold, Delta Bonuses, and Service Academies

Get Your Rose Gold Cards and Delta Bonuses

The rose really ties the card together

The week of the churn has been full of good opportunities. To start, Amex has re-released the rose gold option for their Gold card via referral links. It is the exact same product as the Gold card, except that it is colored with rose. You can call Amex and request a rose-colored variety of your Gold card if you have one currently and desire to let your cashier know the depths of your trendiness.

In other great news, Amex has raised their sign up bonuses on the Delta card family. Currently, you can get 75k miles and $100 credit on the Reserve, 70k miles and $100 credit on the Platinum, and 60k miles and $50 on the Gold. It would appear these last until 31Jul19 so if you’re at the Amex stage of card acquisition now would be the time to jump on some Delta excellence.

Finally, an interesting update to the military benefits eligibility for service academy members. We currently have a Midshipman in the office for a summer training gig and checked his SCRA and MLA eligibility on the respective eligibility checker websites. It turns out, service academy members are eligible for SCRA benefits but are NOT eligible for MLA benefits. This means that 1. any cards you want waived annual fees on that are not in the Amex family you should get before getting to the Academy of your choosing so that SCRA can be applied to your prior-to-AD accounts and 2. you’ll have to start with Amex while at the academy as they give out SCRA benefits regardless of when you had the account. Then maybe take a break after sophomore year to let your 5/24 clock reset and hit Chase when MLA is applied after commissioning.


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