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Citi MLA Benefits for Spouse Confirmed!

How My Wife Got Her Citi Prestige Annual Fee Waived

It’s like waking up to Christmas in May

Recently in the world of military credit card churning there have been various data points of MLA benefits with Citi either not extending to the service member, extending to the service member but annual fee waivers not being an MLA benefit, or spouses not being eligible for MLA benefits. These data points, of course, came after I took a leap of faith and had my spouse sign up for a Prestige card, so it’s been a slightly curious statement cycle. I am happy to announce that I have been receiving MLA benefits that include an annual fee waiver on my two Citi cards (Prestige and AA Exec) since account opening in March 2019 and December 2017, respectively, AND my spouse just had her Prestige annual fee charged and refunded for an account opened in April 2019.

Just need a spouse AA Exec to round out this pic

For the first MLA application in 2017, I called the Citi SCRA line here and just emailed a copy of my orders. I received a letter stating I was not eligible for SCRA benefits as my account was opened after I went AD. MLA was still applied.

For the second MLA application in 2019, it likely would have applied automatically, but I still emailed my orders again to be sure. I did not call this time. I did not receive any letters. MLA was still applied.

For the spouse MLA application, I called and requested MLA benefits be extended to my dependent. This time they had me answer the standard questions used to verify Active Duty service on the SCRA and MLA lookup sites here and here, similar to the Amex process if you call. They then requested I email one document out of a list of qualifying documents that I don’t remember. I either didn’t hear “orders” or they aren’t a qualifying document anymore. I landed on LES being the easiest to attain and attach to an email. I did not receive any letters. MLA, as you can see above, was still applied.


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