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Amex Optimization

The Best 5 Amex Credit Cards For Military

It has been an exciting week of the churn. Of major note, I have finally completed my wife’s optimal Amex credit card holdings (not to be confused with charge cards) of which you are allowed to hold 5. Her Delta Platinum card reached its 1 year anniversary on Wednesday allowing for a more smooth, less flag raising, less chance of clawed back bonus points account closure on Thursday. I then used that vacant card slot to get her the Hilton Aspire for that sweet 150k Hilton point sign up bonus, Hilton Diamond status, and yearly free weekend night, $250 resort credit and $250 airline incidental credit. This allowed me to then upgrade her boring old Hilton Ascend card to another Hilton Aspire and thus a double up on all yearly bennies.

You may not like it, but this is what peak Amex performance looks like.

This brings both of our Amex credit card holdings to 2x Hilton Aspires, 2x Bonvoy Brilliants, and 1x Delta Reserve, each (with one caveat, her 2nd Brilliant card is currently the useless Bonvoy blank card awaiting its 1 year anniversary for an upgrade). There is debate over the delta reserve being worthwhile for the 5th allowable Amex credit card slot but I think an annual companion pass and hardcoded lounge access into your delta tickets is worthwhile as opposed to another Aspire card but your mileage may vary.

This new Aspire sign up bonus requirement joins the Citi Prestige sign up bonus she opened up a few weeks ago (recent data points suggest this annual fee might not be waived anymore, more to come once I find out for myself) and her Charles Schwab Amex Plat that has about $1k minimum spend left, giving a combined min spend requirement of $9500 across the three new cards. This was all strategy though as my car was about to drop a $10k repair/modification bill on me and min spend was knocked out on all 3 cards in a day, netting 60k Amex points, 50k Citi Points, and 150k Hilton Points. That’s about $2950 in travel depending on who’s point valuations you use. Painful to spend but sweet rewards were reaped. Shout out to Travis Smith at Pinnacle Motorsports in Monument, CO for top-notch performance automotive work.



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