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The Updated Chase Ritz Carlton Card

The Old vs New Ritz Carlton Cards

With the ever-changing game of travel hacking and credit card churning comes the eventual demise of once-great credit card products. The Ritz Carlton card ended up taking a hit with the Bonvoy merger in terms of physical appearance but actually ended up a being a better product in the military travel hackers lineup in terms of yearly benefit.

To start, I’ve got a pictorial comparison of the Old Hotness Ritz card and the New and Busted Ritz card for your viewing pleasure.

New and Busted
Old Hotness
Not so much anymore.
The Ritz Card came with one of the most lavish welcome packages.
A solid metal slab of credit dominance.
Metal core between plastic, meh.




















As we can see, the welcome package took a serious hit and the card design went from the most impressive hand feels on the market to the business-as-usual metal core design of the other high-end Chase cards. You can also see where I failed to take the time to set up appropriate lighting conditions in my photo studio (iPhone X and dinner table). I suppose this was the logical step to take for a card that is no longer offered for application but, gosh, that old solid metal style was a poster child for extravagance.

New Perks!

Luckily, the bad is out of the way and we can focus on the good: annual perks.  Every card you get should have a tasty signup bonus with a minimum spend that slows your card acquisition timeline to just barely tolerable by the banks.  This is all well and good to start but recurring annual perks are what makes a card worthy of collection space in the military churners lineup. The old Ritz card was no slouch with its $300 airline incidental reimbursement, 3 club level upgrades, and $100 airline ticket discount (but only on paid flights and, really, none of us should be paying for flights anymore).

The new card kept those perks but added a free Ritz night (capped at 50k points) annually. Jackpot. With this new addition, my wife and I get 3 Ritz nights, 9 club upgrades, and $900 in airline incidental reimbursements across our 3 annual fee waived Ritz cards, every year.  The hand feel may have downgraded but I’ll take a free night over aesthetics any day.

Sweet, sweet reimbursements

Remember, the Ritz card is still attainable by getting a Chase Bonvoy Boundless card, waiting a year, and requesting a card upgrade.  Do your future self a favor and start that countdown today.

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    1. Originally, our fees were waived by Chase under SCRA, granted because we were living in Louisiana and there is speculation that LA (along with OH) adds to the SCRA language and includes accounts opened after going AD. Nowadays, the MLA is automatically applied at application and fees are waived for everyone on AD.

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