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Personal Churning Wins of the Week

Greetings TDWise readers. I’m going to try out a weekly recap of real-life churning activities to highlight applications of all these benefits. Let me know what you think!

Citi Rocking MLA Fee Waivers

Recent data points suggest that Citi is fully on board with the MLA waivers and extend this benefit to spouses. So yesterday, I signed up my wife for the Citi Prestige (auto-approved) in hopes of navigating a smooth fee waiver with Citi.  More to follow.

Free Delta First Class

Delta offered the wife a first-class upgrade on one of her upcoming trips for $60, so jumping on that sweet deal I charged it to her Ritz card, waited for the charge to post, and had her call in to have Chase reimburse it as part of the Ritz annual $300 airline incidental credit. Bam, free first class.

Backdoor Ritz Card Application

I advised one of the TDWise Guys to upgrade his Chase Bonvoy Boundless that he’s had for over a year to the Ritz (the only path to the now closed for applications Ritz card) for all the reasons in the Ritz and Boundless posts.  I’m hesitant to take my own advice and upgrade my wife’s Boundless for an irrational fear of slaughtering the golden goose. With her Chase card portfolio already at 2x CSR’s, 1x Ritz, and 1x United Club, adding another premium fee waiver just makes me hesitant with all the stories of Chase shutdowns lately even though there are no data points of a card upgrade triggering anything at all with Chase. Perhaps a little liquid courage will push me along soon.

Churning Win of the Week

We have a cruise booked next year that I applied 4 different cards’ annual travel reimbursements to totaling $1175 ($300 CSR, $300 Wife’s CSR, $250 Citi Prestige, $325 Wife’s Altitude Reserve).  All of those charges reimbursed this week cutting our cruise bill in half. There’s money on the table, readers. Get out there and take it.


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