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Did You Finally Get Comfortable Using DTS? Uncle Sam Is Fixing That For You.

Get Your Struggleface Ready, New DTS is Here

The Defense Travel System, or DTS, is a system that most DoD travelers love to hate.  It offers travelers an ability to book their own travel and check the status of their order throughout the approval process. The system has been around so long most military members never had to manually fill out a DD 1610 (travel order).  Until recently DTS looked like something you would find with AOL in the 90s.

All the Upgrades

Thankfully the Defense Travel Management Office is implementing a series of updates to improve the user experience, user interface, modernize the look and feel, and improve navigation and usability of the system.  Additionally, this update will also revamp the DTS trip types and trip purposes for authorizations and vouchers, and update the listing of expense types and thresholds to reflect recent Joint Travel Regulations changes. As part of this release, note the following changes:

  • Expenses will be added/removed to accurately reflect the Joint Travel Regulations
  • Current expense labels will be modified to make them easier to understand
  • Thresholds will be removed or significantly increased to help limit pre-audit triggers
  • Several trip types and purposes will be removed to more accurately reflect the Joint Travel Regulations

We have attached some training slides to show what has changed.  Once implemented, these changes should make the DTS process easier and help get rid of some of the annoying pre-audit flags in the travel document.


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