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US Bank Altitude Reserve

Altitude Reserve Card Review for Military

Solid welcome package, well done US Bank

This is the reason you get a US Bank checking account around the time you get an Amex Platinum card.

The US Bank Altitude Reserve is the flagship card offering from US Bank.  In an odd move for the credit card world, they made the Altitude only available to existing US Bank members.  Did you get your US Bank checking account? Congrats, you are a US Bank member. Look at TDWise looking out for you.

I’m running out of ways to say that the industry standard should forever be number on the back, which is good, because it means a lot of cards have the number on the back.

Annual Travel Reimbursement

US Bank uses the bank-specific point system that allows you cashback or redemption through their travel portal for an extra bump in point value.  The sign-up bonus would more than pay for its $400 annual fee, if you had to pay that.  The real gem though is their $325 annual travel reimbursement for anything coding as travel charged to the card (runs on the cardmember anniversary cycle as opposed to calendar year). I love a card that pays me to own it.

Yeah, that’s felt. Nuzzling up next to your new metallic key to free travel.

Other Fringe Benefits

Other goodies include 12 GoGo inflight internet passes per year, 3x points on travel and mobile wallet spending, another Priority Pass for the collection, and Hideaway Report membership.  3x points on mobile wallet spending might be worth looking into if you want a 3% cashback every time you use your phone to pay for things.


    1. The benefits should be applied automatically. You can contact them here if you don’t get an MLA letter in the mail in the first statement cycle but the data points online all seem to suggest (mine included) that you don’t need to do anything.

      1. Thanks for the response. Would it be correct to say this card is worth 4.5% return on all Apple Pay spending? You get 3x points per dollar plus 1.5X bonus when redeeming points toward travel? Finally, is this card hard to get approved for? Thanks TDWISE!

        1. If you value the points at the travel face value then yes, you’d be getting 4.5% back on each mobile wallet purchase.

          US Bank is a little inquiry adverse. I would feel comfortable applying if I was under 6/12 and no more than 5ish hard inquiries on any one report.

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