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No More “Alternate Means” Statement in DTS!

The Government Makes A Logical Change For Once

Unprecedented, I know.

The Old

One of the most annoying changes to DOD travel that resulted from 2011 Track Four Efficiencies was the requirement to put the Alternate Means Statement (officially known as the Travel Order Certification) into all DTS travel documents.  The simple statement of  “SVTC, web-based communications are not sufficiently able to accomplish travel objectives” was an annoyance for travelers and approvers alike.  Additionally, in typical military fashion, someone thought that having those magic words on a DD 1610 would stop someone from traveling unnecessarily.

The New

Luckily, after nine years, common sense has finally prevailed.  “The Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee has determined that this requirement is no longer necessary and it aligns with the Deputy Secretary of Defense’s initiative to modernize travel.”  Now “an official responsible for directing travel or approving reimbursement is also responsible for ensuring that funds are used for official travel purposes and in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the JTR.“ See MAP/CAP 079-18 (R) for full text.

Let’s hope that any future changes within the Deputy Secretary of Defense’s initiative to modernize travel are efficient and give travelers reasonable choices within their TDYs.


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