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The Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card

Bonvoy Boundless Card Review for Military

I upgraded our Boundless to a Ritz before they sent the new card design. Thus, I do not have the new card design to take my ultra-professional blog quality iPhone X pictures of.  Does anyone want to spot me some pics?

The Bonvoy Card System Explained

Wait. What? I thought Amex was the Bonvoy bank.  How is Chase getting in on this Bonvoy business? Is this Bonvoy card really boundless? How many more “b” words can I connect to Bonvoy? All these questions answered and more in this Bonvoy blog.

A l l i t e r a t i o n

So here’s what befell.  SPG was being SPG with Amex and Ritz was being Ritz with Chase and Marriott was being begrudging since they were by nature not as boss as those cards (I’m pretty sure that’s how it began).  Then Marriott brought out the ultimate rich guy move and instead of bettering their product line just threw down and bought them both (brush aside that they already owned Ritz and embellish with me).  So now, Marriott (a Chase serviced card) blended themselves with SPG (an Amex serviced card) and had to figure out a way to benumb the banks under the Bonvoy name because both banks beyond doubt burned for a bit of that Bonvoy branding.

Marriott decided to have high-tier and mid-tier card offers. Amex, being the high-tier bank that it is, took the high-tier Bonvoy Brilliant.  Chase, being the bank of the people, took the more budget mid-tier Bonvoy Boundless.  Everyone was blissful, and everything made sense.  Except for the Ritz card, despite being high-tier, was bound to Chase. Oh, and the mid-tier SPG became a regular old Bonvoy card that didn’t get a fun “b” name and stayed with Amex. So now there’s a high-tier Bonvoy and mid-tier Bonvoy at Amex and a high-tier Ritz and mid-tier Bonvoy at Chase. Everything still totally makes total sense.

In their defense, Marriott stopped Ritz applications and the new Bonvoy blank was never open to applications to begin with, so these cards will eventually be lost from brecciation (barring that you can still boost a Bonvoy Boundless to the Ritz and bust a Bonvoy Brilliant below to the Bonvoy blank).  Ok, I’m done.

Boundless Perks

The Bonvoy Boundless is a pretty decent card for the fee, making it a great option for your collection under MLA waiver.  The sign-up bonus is likely its most attractive feature, but it also has an annual free night after the first year on your account anniversary for rooms up to 35k Marriott points.  This is all well and good, but as mentioned above, you can upgrade this to the Ritz card after a year of ownership and make the free night limited to 50k points and add in a $300 airline incidental credit.

Other less interesting features include 15 elite qualification nights (not stackable with other cards so you likely have this already from the high-tier Bonvoy offerings), silver status (yawn), 6x points per Bonvoy dollar spend, 2x elsewhere, and various insurances.

Be Bold. Be Boundless. Be Bonvoy.

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