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The AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant Card

Bonvoy Brilliant Card Review for Military

Took them long enough.

What is “Bonvoy”?

This card was the SPG Luxury card for a short amount of complicated Marriott/SPG merger time. Why does this card have the word “Bonvoy” in the name?  Because Marriott, in their infinite wisdom, decided that “Bonvoy” was a terrific name to slap on the wild and haphazard ride of merging the SPG and Ritz Carlton Rewards programs with themselves.  It combines, sort of, the term Bon Voyage, roughly wishing someone a safe and enjoyable journey by boat. Since Marriott is a cruise line, it was the obvious choice. Brilliant.

This metal design has far superior in the hand feel compared to the lackluster SPG plastic.

$300 Annual Bonvoy Credit

While the merger may not have gone off with the streamline of a cruiseliner hull, it sure did launch some fantastic credit card options.  Enter: the AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant card. I jest, but honestly, I don’t care what they call it when it’s giving me $300 in SPG and Marriott property credits per year.  Notice it doesn’t work for Ritz Carlton, which has managed to remain separate but equal AND to retain their own high tier credit card through this merger. Anyways, that’s $300 each cardmember year (marked by account open date) that will auto reimburse charges you make to the card from participating Bonvoy properties.  Want free food on the property? Charge it to your room.  Want free whatever they do at spas? Charge it to the room.  Your room bill will be reimbursed if charged to this card up to $300.

Free Annual Bonvoy Night

But wait, there’s more!  You also get a free night at Bonvoy properties after every account anniversary if that room is worth 50k points or less.  There are some pretty great 50k point rooms in the Bonvoy portfolio, now free to you!  It’s like a 50k point signup bonus that doesn’t have a minimum spend and keeps coming as long as you have the card. No. Brainer.

So moving. So art.

Legacy SPG Card

Did you have a legacy SPG card from before the merger?  You now have a weird limited edition Bonvoy artsy designed card that can’t be applied for (this one isn’t brilliant though).  This weird Bonvoy art card gives you a free 35k point night annually and not much else.  Upgrade that bad boy to a Bonvoy Brilliant the day after your account open date anniversary and reap the above sweet rewards.  Pro Tip: get a Bonvoy Brilliant card first, then upgrade your weird Bonvoy art thing to a second Bonvoy Brilliant and double up on those recurring annual bennies.

Other Less Interesting Perks

Gold status with Bonvoy (acquired with Amex Plat), 6x points with Bonvoy purchases, 3x points with restaurants and flights, 2x points on everything else, 15 elite night credits, priority pass (acquired with Amex Plat), a complicated Ritz/St. Regis $100 property credit, yet another Global Entry credit, and all the insurances you’d expect with a high tier card.

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For those interested in the art and how the art was made into art



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