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The AMEX Delta Platinum Card

Delta Platinum Card Review for Military

The AMEX Delta Platinum card, NOT to be confused with the AMEX Platinum card, has been confused at least twice at the Centurion Lounge front desk while I’ve been checking in.  Seriously, I’ve checked into a Centurion probably 10 or so times as of the writing of this post, and 20% of those times someone next to me attempted to gain entry with their Delta Platinum card.  I cannot imagine how often this happens for it to have happened twice next to me.  Don’t be that guy, you will take a walk of shame after your glimpse of the sweet, sweet lounge life from the wrong side of the velvet rope.

It hurt a little drawing that on top of such a legend

The Delta Platinum card is pretty awesome in the way of airline card offerings, which is a breath of fresh air if you just read through my Delta Reserve article.  It’s a $195/year card, putting it in an awkward middle ground between the slew of $95/year cards and the premium $450/year cards.  Let’s call it the Delta Comfort area, not quite first-class, but definitely a step above the main cabin, shared only by a select few tall individuals that value (need) those extra inches of legroom: AMEX PRG, and I think that’s it.  But just like Delta Comfort, it is an oh so sweet spot to sit on short domestic hops.

Sign-Up Bonus

Best feature? Frequent 70k bonus mile offerings for $3k spend in 3 months AND a $100 statement credit after your first Delta purchase.  I recommend a $7 drink on the flight to trigger it, giving you a free $93 and a free drink.

Delta Companion Pass

Second best feature? Another companion pass, baby.  This one isn’t as lavish as the Reserve companion pass as it is only valid for the main cabin, but it can still be worth a pretty penny for a free companion ticket anywhere in the US, round trip, every year you own the card (after first card anniversary).  On a $195/year card.  Even without an annual fee waiver, this is an easy win for any Delta traveler.

The new industry standard should just be all numbers on the back.

Fringe Benefits

Third best feature(s)? Priority boarding, first checked bag free, and no foreign transaction fees.  Really, anyone would do well with this card that flies Delta, just like anyone would enjoy those extra inches of legroom.  That’s typically the beauty of the awkward middle ground, it’s worth it to be there.

And Onto Things You Won’t Use

This one has a mileage bonus as well, 10k miles (and 10k MQM) for $25k spend per calendar year up to $50k, but as with every card spend bonus out there, this money is better spent on another cards’ sign up bonus.  Discounted lounge access at $29/person, which is silly to pay when you have an AMEX Platinum.  Also included is the standard secondary car rental insurance, baggage insurance, warranty extension, return protection, and accidental damage or theft insurance.

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