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The AMEX Delta Reserve Card

Delta Reserve Card Review for Military

All the blur.

For a $450/year premium card, the Delta Reserve has got to be the runt of the litter.  I can’t imagine why anyone in charge of marketing this hasn’t jumped on board the metal core, numbers on the back, fancy welcome package bandwagon yet but, man, it was like getting a run of the mill USAA card in the mandatory-pieces-of-flair department.  I don’t even have any cool pictures for you on this one, just an overly pixelated card front because, again, why aren’t the numbers on the back?  This might make me a little perturbed if I wasn’t, you know, getting this card for free and whatnot.

Delta Reserve Companion Pass

The Delta Reserve DOES come with a unique perk among the premium airline cards though (despite it NOT coming with other premium perks) called a companion pass.  This is a once a year voucher (after your first card anniversary) for you to take a companion with you, free of charge, on any booked flight in the continental US in either first class, Delta comfort, or main cabin. Not a bad deal considering the potential value you could get out of that.  It could absolutely justify the annual fee if you needed such justification.

At least the whole set is uniform in its blur, I guess.

Delta Reserve Lounge Access

It, like its competitors, grants you Delta lounge access, but unlike its competitors, it is not a lounge membership.  This means you cannot bring anyone else in with you (you can but its $29 per guest, max 2 guests), just yourself.  You should already have this perk with the AMEX Platinum but if you’re OCD like me you still want to collect all 3 of the premium airline cards (Delta, United, AA) because why not have two methods of entry to the lounge?

Sign-Up Bonus

Probably the most significant perk is the sign-up bonus, which sits at a healthy 40k miles (and 10k MQM) after $3k spend in 3 months.  You can also earn 15k bonus miles (and 15k MQM) after $30k spend in a calendar year up to $60k but that money is obviously better spent on other cards’ minimum spends. From time to time this bonus will increase as high as 70k miles so give it a bit to pop up if you have the time.

Fringe Benefits

There is also a concierge that probably isn’t as good as the AMEX Plat, but I haven’t tried it.  There is a first checked bag free on Delta flights but you probably get that with a CAC card at check-in anyways.  Baggage insurance, priority boarding, secondary rental car coverage (lame), no foreign transaction fees, and some sort of travel accident insurance.  And then there’s the standard additional year of warranty on things you buy, return protection, and purchase protection for damage or theft.

I’m a little hard on this card because there’s something to be said for presentation on a card with a $450/year price tag.  If it wasn’t for the companion pass I’m not sure I would recommend it over the other two major airlines but the bottom line is this card deserves a spot in your collection for the signup bonus (of course) and that companion pass.  I also enjoy completing sets of cards and this completed two sets for me.

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