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The Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred Review for Military

I think this is one of the best card designs in the Chase lineup.

What was once the flagship card of Chase has since been downgraded to the mid-tier offering since the release of the Sapphire Reserve. This used to be the cool card on the block with its metal core adding a nice hand feel, sleek face with embossed numbers moved to the back, and ever so lucrative rewards points. It is now the cool card for people scared of the $450 annual fee on the Reserve.

Sign-Up Bonus

The preferred comes with an annual fee of $95 that was once waived the first year but has been replaced by a higher signup bonus of 60k points, up from 50k, for $4k spend in 3 months. The sign-up bonus alone is worth $750 through the Chase travel portal so it’s at least on the same page as the Reserve.

Spending Bonuses

Other than the sign-up bonus you get 2x points on travel and dining, various coverages, and no foreign transaction fees. It’s a decent card to have but is dwarfed by the Reserve and thanks to Chase’s policy of no more than 1 sapphire product at a time you, the active-duty military member, are better off going with the Reserve.


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