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The AMEX Gold Card

Amex Gold Card Review for Military

The old Gold Card actually looked gold, I swear.

This card is the middle tier charge card from Amex at a $250 annual fee. Much like the Green card, it’s benefits are covered by the Platinum Card you should already have, except for a 4x bump in points earning for restaurants and supermarkets and a $120 dining credit at restaurants you probably don’t eat at.  The difference is that it comes with a nice $100/year airline credit, paying you to own it if you’re active duty.

Sign-Up Bonus

The sign-up bonus varies from 25k to 50k for $2k spend in 3 months. Not a bad chunk of membership rewards points change for your spending efforts. I really do enjoy the smaller, but easier to obtain sign-up points.

Future Platinum Card

Notably, as with the green card, this can be upgraded to a platinum card as well after a year of ownership. I won’t be doing so though, as the 4x spend categories on everything you put in your mouth (restaurants and groceries) make this a very solid daily spend card when you’re in between other minimum spends. It has even replaced my Chase Sapphire Reserve as the go-to card. But, you can still do future you a solid and snag a gold card to start your account timer and upgrade later for those sweet sweet Platinum bennies.

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Other Gold Card Flavors

-(Discontinued) Ameriprise Financial Gold Card: $160 annual fee (waived the first year).  Was an easy 25k point sign up bonus for $1k spend. This did not have the airline credit. Technically required a relationship with Ameriprise Financial, but this, like the Ameriprise Platinum, was not enforced.


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