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The Chase United Club Card

United Club Card Review for Military

That martini was both dirty and free making it the best kind of martini

This is probably the perfect time to blog about the United Club Card as I’m sitting in a United club in Newark downing my second dirty martini of the stay. This is one of the 5/24 cards that you will either end up with now or end up within a year depending on the approach you take listed in my 5/24 post.

United Lounge Access

The United club card is a $450/year card (waived under MLA) that gains you a membership to United’s lounges. This in and of itself is a perfect reason to add it to your card portfolio, however, there are many more.

Heaviest card packaging I’ve come across

Sign-Up Bonus

Currently, there is a 50k mile bonus for $3k spend in 3 months. That’s at least 2 round trip tickets anywhere in the continental US.  On top of the $550 lounge membership, the value is limited only by your flexibility of flights.

Free Bags and Foreign Transactions

You also get first and second bags checked for free for yourself and one companion, but I’ve never had to utilize this feature due to United already waiving bag fees for active duty military. There are also no foreign transaction fees, but that’s obvious at this point for a $450 card.

The metal core makes this card akin to a firm handshake

Premier Access

The realized perks come when you utilize premier access, access to special card member miles redemption rates, fee waiver for short suspense booking, and a jump to the head of the line on upgrades if you also hold status with United.

Hertz Status

One of my goals is to acquire status everywhere I can for free. It’s like the ultimate travel hack aphrodisiac. This card grants me Presidents Circle with Hertz. That’s their top tier and gets you consistant car class upgrades. On a free to active duty card. Just stop reading and sign up now.

When this arrived I thought it was a book from Amazon.

United Club Extras

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that this card comes with ALL the coverages. Primary auto rental, baggage delay, lost luggage, trip cancellation and trip interruption, trip delay, purchase protection, price protection, extended warranty, and even something called visa concierge that I’ve never used. That’s a lot of coverage that you’ll probably never use but it’s nice to know it’s there. And this card is free for you, defender of Uncle Sam. Did I mention that yet?

I’m going to call it here, the letters on my iPad are starting to blur, which is the best way to spend a 4hr layover.


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