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The Chase IHG Premier Card

IHG Premier Card Review for Military

This is the old IHG Select card that I have while I wait for an upgrade offer to the new IHG Premier card

If you’re going TDY, odds are Uncle Sam is putting you up in a hotel within the IHG lineup.  How do I know that?  IHG won the bid to privatize all on post lodging across the Army.  That means your forever stay at the Army Logistics University will be in a recently built and taken over hotel owned by IHG, paid for by TDY funding, and easily taken advantage of by having an IHG rewards account.  Intro: the IHG rewards card.

IHG Premier Sign-Up Bonus

This card is a hidden gem among credit cards with its paltry $89 annual fee (again, free to you Mr. Active Duty under MLA).  What you get, however, is worth so much more.  To begin, it comes with a normal sign-up bonus of 80k IHG points for an EASY $2k spend in 3 months.  Seriously, that should take 1 month if you plan it right, tops. I’ve seen limited-time bonuses as high as 120k pop up from time to time so maybe wait for something like that to come around if you have time.

IHG Premier Free Night Benefit

Then, as if that wasn’t enough to get the card (it is absolutely enough) you get a free night every year (starting after your first year) at any IHG property that’s up to and including 40k points/night.  Granted, IHG properties are generally budget locations, but the Intercontinental lineup is no slouch.  That’s an easy date night when you finally get that match on Tinder.  Better still is a 4th award night free feature that gives you your fourth night free when booking with points.

IHG Premier Platinum Status

But wait, there’s more!  As if you haven’t already applied at this point, this card even grants you Platinum Elite status with IHG hotels.  That’s the second to highest tier in their rewards structure.  Granted, if you played the ALU right you already have Spire Elite status, but for those non-loggie officers out there this is probably the easiest hotel status to acquire.  Just what does this status grant? Sweet sweet room upgrades.  Also guaranteed room availability, priority check-in, and 50% bonus earnings on base points.  More specifically, 50% bonus earning on base points that the Army is already paying for as long as you add your account at the front desk.  Talk about a win/win.

Oh, be sure to add an authorized user for another 5k points after your first purchase if offered.

This card is a no-brainer.  Just don’t get confused and accidentally get the IHG Traveler card, which is lame unless you want another IHG signup bonus.

As always, please consider using our referral link to get yours.


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