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The Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve Review for Military

This card came out as a direct competitor to the AMEX Platinum and that just means more bennies for the taking after your MLA fee waiver.  Chase made this card a metal hybrid with a metal core sandwiched between thin plastic.  It’s got a good hand feel and great design.  Benefits include a 50k Chase Ultimate Reward point bonus for $4k spend in the first 3 months, $300 travel reimbursement per year, airport lounge access, 3x points on travel and dining purchases, and a slew of other overlapping benefits with other premium cards.  This is one of the best everyday cards to use if you had to choose one without thinking and are in-between meeting minimum spends on other cards.

I get that the blacked-out design makes this a more mysterious card, but I’ve always liked the CSP look better

Sign-Up Bonus

50k Ultimate Rewards points goes a long way on the Chase travel portal if you have the Reserve.  Directly redeemable for $500 in cash, it bumps up to 1.5 cents per point on the portal making you a cool $750 in travel rewards, just for changing your payment method for 3 months.  Easy, free money.  Chase also has a ton of transfer partners giving you a lot of ways to redeem these generous bonus points.

Travel Reimbursement

The Reserve travel reimbursement is much more flexible than the AMEX airline reimbursement as it will automatically reimburse, up to $300/year, ANY charge that codes as travel.  Need to buy plane tickets? Pay for parking? Stay at a hotel? All reimbursed.  It’s the second-best premium card benefit on the market right now, in my wise guy opinion (second to the $325 reimbursement with the Altitude Reserve).

Airport Lounge Access

Airport lounge access comes in the form of a priority pass membership.  This gives you access to many fringe lounges in the US and a ton of regular lounges internationally.  It also goes above and beyond the Amex PP memberships because it allows the use of the $28 bill credit at participating airport restaurants. This particular membership also allows you to take 2 companions in with you in case your TDY buddy is still waiting for his in the mail.

Spending Bonuses

3x points for travel and dining purchases will rack up Ultimate Rewards points fast, giving even more FREE MONEY or travel possibilities to you just for using this card instead of that USAA debit card I see every time I’m in the PX.  I don’t consider this a huge benefit since I’m always working on a minimum spend for something, and sign up bonuses are worth more than 3x points on spending, but if you don’t take as aggressive of an approach to the credit card game as I do, it will be a great every day spend benefit to reap what the cash/debit population sews.


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