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Welcome to the Credit Corner at TDWise!

Military Credit Cards 101

We spend more time setting up this circle than I’d like to admit

The world of credit cards has long been a necessary evil in the American mindset. Everyone has heard or even experienced the story of the college freshman lured into thousands of dollars of debt because they wanted a free sign up Frisbee and a line of credit “just for emergencies.” Sophomore year rolls around and the crushing weight of student loans is only compounded by the struggle to keep up minimum monthly credit card payments or risk your credit score sinking so far down that Poseidon himself is shaking your hand in disbelief.

Financially savvy people now avoid credit like the plague. Everyone under the age of 65 uses debit cards because let’s be honest, if you are rummaging through a coin purse for exact change or *gasp* writing a check, then yes, everyone behind you in line DOES hate you at that moment. Other financial gurus even make their living off literally preaching the “cash is king” mantra and their followers are militant in their avoidance of debt. Fueled by misinformation, horror stories, and good intentions, the PR problems surrounding credit cards have become almost palpable. This, in turn, caused a shift in the credit industry to incentivize using plastic with one simple little concept: rewards. Sweet, sweet rewards.

This Is Where TDWise Comes In

What I at the credit corner aim to do is educate you on credit card rewards, dispel the misinformation, and show you that if you don’t have a credit card in your hand each and every time you pay for something, you are leaving money on the table.

That’s right, by “playing it safe” with cash and debit and not using cards, you are missing out on an incredibly lucrative and EASY way to make money. In fact, studies have shown that cash and debit users are actually subsidizing the credit rewards industry. I will show you the best strategies to end up on the receiving end of credit card rewards and dispel the myths that act as a barrier to entry for many.

What’s in it for TDWise?

I know this sounds a little gimmicky but it really is just an easy way to earn extra money, travel, perks and so on. A side hustle, if you will. I got into credit cards in 2016 and after a lot of research, it turned into an exciting hobby, 51 credit cards between my spouse and I, and a credit score that jumps around between 770 and 810.

One aspect of this hobby is the ability to earn referral points when friends sign up for their own credit cards using unique links that you provide. I will share all that I can about this hobby from a service member perspective as transparently as I can and all that I ask is if you decide to jump in and start earning your own rewards, support this blog and click our links to get started.

First, let’s lay some foundation for all things credit card:

Credit Card Rewards Theory

Points and How to Use Them

Won’t This Hurt My Credit Score?

Game Changer: SCRA and MLA


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