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How I Used DTS for Manufactured Spending

On a recent TDY to undisclosed, secret squirrel locations the Middle East, the DTS TDWise Guy missed a flight due to mission requirements. This is how he discovered a manufacured spending pathway within the DTS system.

What Is Manufactured Spending (MS)?

This blog has, and always will, err on the side of churning caution. We do this to avoid slaughtering the proverbial golden goose that is waived annual fee credit cards and the perpetual benefits they ...

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How to Eat For Free in Airports

Readers, it has been A WEEK. PCS is never a pleasant experience, but it’s that much more exciting when your packing crew is fresh out of packing crew boot camp. It makes the guessing game of how much of your stuff will actually survive the move an edge of your seat experience. It gets EVEN MORE exciting when you take your car in for a quick repair before your 28-hour drive and it deadlines for 2-3 weeks. Hence, I am now flying to my next duty station in order t...

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Free Disney Cruise Strategy

Gosh, this looks stress free

Cruises are the ultimate in stress-free vacationing. Change my mind.

All I have to do is get myself to port via airline with relaxing lounges on layovers and free uber rides from the terminal. Then I check-in and locate my room aboard a floating all(ish) inclusive resort, unpack, and literally not worry about a single thing until it’s over.

My food is always in the same known locations unless I feel frisky and want to change it up. I do...

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Current Rumors in the Credit Card Game

This seems to be the season of rumors right now and since I haven’t done much to report on aside from a failed gift card liquidation at Hilton’s Buffalo Thunder Resort, I figured we can all hope and dream for a week.

Amex Green Card Refresh

Numbers on the back would be the best of all the upgrades

There’s solid evidence over here at Doc of Credit that the bland and boring Amex Green Card, a card that you pay for the privilege of earning Amex Membership R...

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Apple Card Review for Military

Apple tracking is on point.

Being the glutton for credit card gimmicks that I am, I went ahead and got the brand new Apple Credit Card for no other reason than to be an early adopter and add a slick slab of titanium to my black book. This is the tale of my adventure into Apple’s attempt to flip the credit card world on its head.

The Apple credit card concept is an attempt to remove the physical card aspect altogether — and turn the iPhone into your credit granti...