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Military Credit Card Strategy In The Age Of COVID-19

Hot diggity, something to write about has emerged from this travel-less wasteland of government over-reach and communist rule. I think a new paradigm is amongst what was once the land of the free. Society as a whole has tipped its hand and shown the extent to which it will sacrifice liberty for that sweet sweet false sense of safety. A safety provided by the government, whom you may remember from such films as: Social Security, The DMV, The...

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Card Maintenance With Amex

We had a few exciting (if you’re a card geek) cards arrive this week that I’ve been waiting for since last year. They all come with much-improved benefits and changes to the overall travel strategy.

Bonvoy Upgrade

A year ago we got P2 (player two, non-military spouse) the AMEX SPG card right before it discontinued and closed out applications. This was then converted automatically into a plain old Bonvoy artsy card during the great Bonvoy rebranding and super hotel ...

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Ritz Carlton Card Purchase Protection Saves A $1,177 iPhone Purchase

Reader and best of friends Christopher guest writes the following:

The Incident

On August 17th, I dropped my iPhone in the ocean while kayaking with my wife. The phone dropped about 20 feet to the ocean floor and I was unable to retrieve it. Since the iPhone XS Max is only waterproof to a depth of two meters of water for 30 minutes, I’m sure that it is no longer functional. For this reason, I would consider the phone both lo...

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Korean Skypass Select Card Review for Military

This unassuming rectangle of basic plastic design that doesn’t even say Select on it nets a cool $200 in travel per year.

I have never flown Korean Air. I don’t really ever anticipate flying Korean Air unless it’s for fare hacking. So why would I bother risking my already established Altitude Reserve card with another US Bank app? Recurring annual travel credits. And I’m running out of cards to apply for and daddy needs a fix.

Annual Travel Reimb...

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Military Churning Views on the LuxuryCard Gold Card

Gold is hard to photograph if your photography skills consist of an iPhone X and a dinner table.

This card exists for Instagram “influencers” to flaunt their poor financial decisions under the guise of excessive wealth to the masses. Its only play is exclusivity, like that app that cost $1,000 just to show people you could afford it. Also like that app, the Gold Card has an unwaiverable annual fee of $995. For that, you get 2% cashback on al...